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Abby’s March Sale 25% Off All Orders!


Abby's Butter is a premium skincare sensation crafted to elevate your beauty routine. Infused with high-quality shea butter, it offers a luxurious and deeply nourishing experience for both skin and hair.


Abby's Shea Butter has become my daily skincare essential, leaves my skin incredibly soft.


Abby's Shea Butter is a life-changer. The deep hydration lasts all day, and the texture is divine.


The richness and moisture it provides make my locks shine with vitality. A must-have for anyone!


I can't get enough of Abby's Shea Butter! It's the perfect blend for my hair and skin.

History Of Abby’s Butter

The story behind the Abbys Butter In February 2023 there was heavy snow in Texas that forced some of us to spend several days at work (in the hospital, where I work) because it was difficult to drive home. We were working during the day and stayed overnight at work, during this time while me and my co-workers were standing around and talking, one of my co–worker stated that “your face is glowing, and your skin is so clear what kind of product do you use on your face?” I told her that I was using my own product, I make my own Abbys Butter, and she then asked me to share the product with her. The other co-workers also wanted to see this miracle product. I promised my co-workers that I would share my beauty secret (my Abbys Butter) with them. Since I have been using the butter for several years and I know how it makes my hair shine and it makes my skin soft and moisturized, I decided to share this exceptional Abbys Butter with others.

My interest in home remedies leads me to discover the formula for this hair and Abbys Butter. Over the years, I have been experimenting with many varieties of formulas in hoping to discover the perfect hair and body moisturizer. Finally, I discovered this perfect combination of quality ingredients to nourish hair and skin. This hair and Abbys Butter helps to retain hair length and intensely moisturized skin, leaves shiny hair and soft skin. This excellent Abbys Butter is made at home by Abeba Berhane (Abby). Right after application of the butter to skin, it looks oily, after a while the skin absorbs the butter leaving the skin soft. A pea size of butter goes a long way; however, it is ok to use as often as needed and as much as needed.

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